Shooting in Bearn and the Basque Country


Agence du Film 64 has received the Ecoprod pass, a collective project launched by members of the audiovisual sector that aims to reduce the industry’s environmental impact and promote audiovisual and film productions that respect the environment.
Information sheets present eco-friendly solutions adapted to each area of the audiovisual sector and best practices for industry professionals, to protect the environment when preparing and undertaking a film shoot.


Best practices for producers, directors and production assistants: reduce paper consumption (particularly for scripts), unplug camera chargers when not in use, only print emails when necessary, optimise transport, etc.

Studio sets

Best practices for studios leading projects, art directors, location managers, painters, etc.: purchase certified products and make more eco-friendly items on shooting sites, etc.


Adapted and proactive preparation for the entire production team and in particular, the location management team: better manage the transport of material to shooting locations, opt for eco-certified accommodation, eco-friendly canteens, etc.

Technical equipment

Location management and the entire production team is advised to choose eco-designed equipment: cameras, sound, batteries, digital material, new tools and concepts, new methods and expertise to generate less pollution and waste, etc.

Lighting - Energy

Energy efficiency practices on shoots for grips and electricians and the entire production team, when setting up lighting and camera equipment: eco-designed lamps and projectors, etc., equipment to reduce risk, cost and pollution, etc.

Make-up - Costumes

Organic cosmetics, sustainable fashion suppliers, preferred products and contacts for head make-up artists and costume designers in film and TV: certified make-up products and removers, a more eco-friendly range of clothing and accessories in terms of manufacturing, etc.


Best practices for quality catering for the location manager and the entire production team: reduce the use of disposable cups for coffee breaks on shoots, for catering, opt for local products and seasonal fruit and vegetables, limit packaging and eat organic products (with minimal food miles), etc.

Health measures

Health and safety measures for audiovisual and film production activities: create an eco-friendly roadmap for productions by reducing, reusing and recycling while following health measures, etc.


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