Shooting in Bearn and the Basque Country

Agence du Film 64’s missions

As part of Agence d’Attractivité et de Développement Touristique (Agency for Tourism Promotion and Development), Agence de Film 64 is the operational facilitator for the Pyrenees-Atlantiques department in terms of film and audiovisual productions. It supports producers and shooting teams at each stage of their projects in the Bearn and Basque Country region, whether in Pau, Bayonne, Biarritz, Anglet or elsewhere, and whatever the kind of project (series, TV films, short and feature films, documentaries, ads, video clips, etc.).

In 2018, Pyrenees Atlantiques Departmental Council entrusted Agence du Film 64 with two main missions:

  • • promoting the area as a location for shooting in meetings with productions and directors at festivals and during location scouting.
  • • supporting film crews by putting them in contact with technicians, artists and extras, assisting with shooting authorisations and logistical support: offices, casting rooms, accommodation, etc.

Project Support – Welcoming Film Shoots – Assisting with Film Shoots – Participating in Festivals – Providing Professional Directories – Castings

Support for Projects

Agence du Film 64 has supported 318 projects. Scouting, contacting local resources, logistical assistance, etc.

Welcoming Shoots

Agence du Film 64 has welcomed 159 shoots for feature and short films, documentaries, TV series, ads and video clips.

Assisting Shoots

Agence du Film 64 has facilitated
1344 days of filming in the region.


Agence du Film 64 has been present at 36 festivals: FIPADOC International Documentary Festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival (SSIFF), Cannes Film Festival, Series Mania, and more.

Professional directory

Agence du Film 64 has listed nearly 233 professionals in the region: actors, costume designers, video editors, composers, and more.


Agence du Film 64 has shared
39 casting ads.

Statistics are from the Agence du Film 64 2020 Activity Report.

Other Agence du Film 64 projects :

A guide to welcoming film shoots aimed at communes, decor campaigns, events for the network of local technicians, promotional support, etc.


Isabelle BREIL
+33 (0)6 08 60 81 80

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